Did anyone find the movie Dogma any Monty Python movies or tv shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons as hilarious as I do?

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I have never heard of Dogma
Dogma is one of Kevin Smith's movies, which came out after Chasing Amy.
I had never heard of it either, but the imdb listing for it sounds interesting. I'm putting it on my to-see list.
Wow, it is weird, I would have assumed nearly everyone has seen Dogma...but that's what I get for making assumptions I guess.
Yes, you must order it ASAP besides George Carlin is a Cardinal and Alanis Morissette as "God" you cant go wrong and not to mention Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as angels...Too good to miss!!!
And of course Jesus was black.
LMAO!!! Yes, you know he was black cause he owed Rufus $5.00 and turned water into wine... And of course, Serendipity is a stripper cant forget those classic moments!!!
You are totally missing out. Rent it ASAP. Kevin Smith has made several great movies.
Oh honey, you must youtube, net-flicks this immediately....LOL seriously watch it but don't watch it on comedy central cause it will be edited...
The Simpsons and Monty Python, definitely!
I have been a MP fan for years and a part of that is their irreverence. Some of FG or Simpsons is funny, but a large portion is just dumb and I hate waiting around for something funny to happen. YouTube of the FG or the Simpsons is more my speed - cut to the chase?

Dogma had some interesting ideas, but the violence was excessive. I never had any appreciation for Jay and Silent Bob.
I would think the violence was excessive because they are talking about biblical stuff, which has excessive violence =P




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