Did anyone find the movie Dogma any Monty Python movies or tv shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons as hilarious as I do?

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I love the Nexus!!! Thanks for the South Park cartoon!!! Oh how I love the people on Atheist Nexus!!!
Haven't watched South Park in a while, but I always loved their take on religion, especially "Jesus and Pals" and other Jesus appearances. Jesus has appeared more times on South Park than he ever did in reality!

I love when Jesus and Santa do a lounge act together. It doesn't really talk about religion (other than poking fun at Christmas songs a little) but this clip includes something you don't hear on TV often, someone cursing at Jesus.

I almost didn't post this because it isn't the season yet, but then I remembered that Jesus (assuming he did exist) wasn't born on Dec. 25th anyway.
All four are good. Have you seen the Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show. I was very disappointed with it. I'm sticking with Family Guy.
I've enjoyed The Cleveland Show so far, and American Dad.
I couldn't agree with you more. Its way too easy to make The Cleveland Show funny. I am truly disappointed in the show. If anything, they could have just done an episode here or there that focuses on Cleveland. However, I guess the people at fox need to finally give minorities a spotlight...
Monty Python's Life of Brian is top of my list. I still think it's the best comedy movie ever made. South Park's cool too - one of the best characters (apart from Cartman) is Satan. His Sweet Sixteen Party was hilarious.
You bet! Dogma was fantastic, Family Guy is brilliant and so is Monty Python. The Simpsons, I'm a bit bored of lately, I hate to admit. I used to watch as often as I could, but now I can take it or leave it. Now, Futurama, I've always liked.
Frankly any show or movie that has no sacred cows is A-OK in my book, though I do feel a little dirty sometimes laughing at some of the jokes on Family Guy. Southpark is often times brilliant, sometimes not, but always funny. The Simpsons has lost some steam in recent years in my opinion, but these last two seasons have seen a nice jump in quality of the jokes, if not the quantity (I miss the Connan O'Brian years when he was one of the writers). However with Futurama making a return to the air, I think my cartoon calendar might get really full again.

Life of Brain is one of my favorite movies that makes you think while laughing your ass off movies. Dogma wouldn't have been half the movie it was without good old George Carlin, but Buddy Christ was a great joke.

Has anyone else seen the Moral Oral cartoon yet, it's deliciously sacrilegious.
I am impressed as to how many replies my question got. I am happy to know how many people like and appreciate the same stuff that I do.
Pretty much I like all the cartoons. Some of them I love, and some are funny once in awhile although they can also be ridiculous. The Simpsons have been going on forever so they do get a little ridiculous or redundant sometimes, but they're still funny sometimes, and they had a long run of being funny. Futurama is also awesome. My mom hates Family Guy and American Dad, I think they can be stupid sometimes, but when they're funny they're hilarious. SP is like that too. Even the cartoons I don't like, I still sort of like!
Yeah -- I know what you mean. South Park makes me cringe sometimes, but I still enjoy it even when it gets irritatingly puerile.
I agree, with you both. I don't watch hardly any t.v. these days. However, when I do get to watch it I am like yeah!!! I sometimes have to just desensitize cause I read and lecture so much that I need that escape. Yet, these programs still stimulate the mind because of the heightened level of satire.


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