Did anyone find the movie Dogma any Monty Python movies or tv shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons as hilarious as I do?

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Of course! Dogma and Family Guy are two of my favorite things! Monty Python is pretty high up there too...but I never cared for the Simpsons. I'm way more of a Futurama fan.
Stole my reply...

Seriously, that's about exactly how I feel. The Simpsons jumped the shark at least 10 years ago, and Mike Judge should have just focused on Futurama. Monty Python, Family Guy and Dogma have some of the best jokes on religion ever, especially regarding Catholicism.
Futurama had a hit put on it by Fox and it unfortunately worked.
I'm not familiar with that back-story, but I found this little write-up when looking for info on it.
Yep...Futurama's time slot was changed repeatedly with almost no advertisements from Fox to tell people where it had moved. They moved it till the ratings dropped far enough to warrant canceling it. It took a few moves though, because the show kept rebounding.
Yeah futurama's really gotten screwed over. The latest is it's being renewed, but with different voices? Bender won't be the same without that voice!

It is sad how many of these axed shows are in my collection. I'd like to add Dark Angel and Titus to this list too.
Mike Judge did King of the Hill, Daria (which I just love), and Beavis and Butthead (which I can't stand). Matt Groening did The Simpsons and Futurama.
I loved me some Daria as well!!!
They really need to release Daria on DVD already!
Hooray for guys who like Daria! Jane is a sexy cartoon character too!
OMG!!! Now, im gay but she does bring out my lesbian tendencies...lol ;)


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