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One-ish, three-ish?  Yes-ish, no-ish?  Oh, this is just PRECIOUS ... never mind representing the named factions entirely TOO WELL!

Well, try and be any more specific and you'll find the ones you leave out are all at your throat.

As I read the chart, I tried to think what the Mormon answers would be.  I don't know if the "Number" would be 1 or 3 or infinite.  

It might be 1 because we are supposed to pray only to God The Father.  He is supposed to be the only god we are to worship.

It might be 3 because they do say that Jesus and the Holy Ghost are members of the godhead.  They don't worship or pray to Jesus, but he is the savior.  The Holy Ghost is supposed to give us inspiration, but he is not to be prayed to or worshiped.  But they are all true gods.

It might be infinite, because God the Father had a God who was his Father, and so on to infinity.  They are all true Gods.

Sex:  Male, but there are "Goddesses", who are sister-wives to the Gods, but they have no authority and are not to be prayed to or worshiped.  They are just baby factories (why are they called Goddesses?  Good question!)

Women priests:  Are you kidding!

The Holy Book is The Book Of Mormon.  The HB addenda's are The Doctrine And Covenants, The Pearl Of Great Price, and The Bible (which all disagree with each other and the HB).

Mary is:  The best Jewish girl god could find (must have been a looker too), but you'd better not pray to her or worship her (or even talk about her much)!

Infallible priests:  No, but they won't lead you astray (despite all disagreeing with each other).

BFF on earth:  Jesus, but Joseph Smith is a close second!  

Polygamy:  No, then Yes, then No, but Yes in the afterlife, except.............well, it changes periodically.

Mixed Dancing:  Yowza! Yes! (but no lusting!)

Married Priests:  You bet your sweet bibby!  Can't be a God if not married!

Thats all for now.  May do the others another day.

Good job! Makes as much sense as the others. I like "there is no god/s" best. 

Thanks. All useful for Mk II.

Thanks, going into Mk II.

I don't get how Allah can be described as compassionate and merciful if he demands DEATH for making images, mixed dancing, apostacy and gayness.

In the same way that the Invisible Pink Unicorn is both invisible and pink?

In the Bible and in the Quran, YHWH/God/Allah is described in different places as kind and merciful, and violent and vengeful.

Thanks for passing along this table by Shuggy at "Why Evolution Is True"!

Kevin there pointed out it needs a bacon cheeseburger row.

Armand K. added a column for the Orthodox Church. "The biggest real difference between it and the Catholic church is probably that priests MUST marry."

It's all right. Shuggy said I could.

When Kevin said it, IShuggy thought he meant "row" as in fighting, which there certainly is, but yes, of course, in line across. You can practically tell them all apart by their precise bacon cheeseburgerology.

Someone has clarified the Orthodox marriage thing. The need to be married before they can be assigned a parish, but then they can never become Bishops. Far too complicated for an A4 spreadsheet.

IShuggy will be adding the Orthodox and Mormon columns to Mk II (A3)

Mk III may be viewed here and is on sale as posters of various sizes here.

It now displays the universally agreed name, sex, character, and attributes of the One True God of Jews; Muslims; Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians; Mormons; and Sikhs, and what He says to them all with One Voice about alcohol, mixed dancing, polygamy, divorce, conversion, apostasy, clergy marrying, clerical infallibility, women clergy, genital cutting, gayness, bacon cheeseburger and atheists.




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