In case I don't get to it tomorrow, happy Zombie Jesus Day, everyone! :)

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Punxsutawney Jesus.

Zombie Jesus #2

And, last but not least, Zombie Jesus #3.

And for the day after Zombie Jesus Day, Happy Cheap Chocolate Day!
i love the irony of the sick rotting corpse of religion attempting to devour the healthy facilities of the living, human mind.
Ha ha, my boyfriend sent me a text message saying "Happy Zombie Jesus Day!" I think I'll keep him. ^__^

lucky you! my gf took offense to zombie jesus day. :( enjoy being in a relationship with a like-minded person! it might take some time before i can!
Believe me I am grateful... :) I hope you find someone likeminded one day soon. :)
In your head, in your head

Oh Yeah and all his Zombie wannabees are a huntin unfertilized chicken ova......(thanks NDT).


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