Homesick Trump Stays Up All Night On Phone With Automated Mar-A-Lago Reservations Line

BRUSSELS—Sad and lonely from the diplomatic trip that has kept him thousands of miles away from his private estate for almost a week, a homesick Donald Trump stayed up all night on the phone with the automated Mar-a-Lago reservations line, sources said Wednesday. “The dining room will be open from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., and tonight’s specials will be braised lamb with vegetables and herb-roasted salmon served on a bed of orzo, in addition to a six-star seafood buffet that will be served on the patio,” said the concierge’s voice on a pre-recorded message as the president, huddled under the blanket in his hotel, wiped tears away with his pajama sleeve and reminded himself that he only had three more days to go. “If you would like to access our premium spa or salon services, press 1; if you would like to schedule a tennis or golf lesson with one of our certified professionals, press 2; if you would like to book one of our spaces for a wedding or event, press 3. Please press 9 to hear the options again.” After cycling through the selections numerous times, Trump reportedly dozed off with the phone on his pillow and an untroubled smile on his sleeping face.

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In all seriousness, I wonder if this trip is going to take a toll on his mind.  They have him running around doing things on such a long schedule that he doesn't even have time to watch the news and tweet about it, which is why we haven't had much in the way of presidential chaos this week.  The Manchester bombing also provided him with a bit of cover.

He's used to working less than a 40-hour week.  I wonder how much things are going to blow up, once he gets back and has more time on his hands again.

I think aging began taking a toll several years back.  Birtherism, anyone?

That is the most sensible explanation for Birtherism that I have ever seen!

Plus, someone must be riding herd on him hard over there - even when he has made statements, he hasn't gone off script and said anything goofy! For multiple days even! Somehow his managers have even managed to make him sound almost presidential a couple of times...

LOL, thanks.

I have been an avid reader of The Onion for a few years. I also like this site that tries to state it is America's only humor site:




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