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Sorry. My intent was to post a cartoon on the Comment Wall.
Obviously, I did it wrong.
Maybe God was misdirecting my hand on the mouse.
LOL I remember "The Far Side," but I don't remember that one!! Definitely worth the extra mouse click see it!
OK, I give up.
How do I post a picture on the Comment Wall?
OK, I give up.
How do I post...
1) a picture that's on my computer,
2) a picture that's on the web,
3) a link to a video that's on the web
on the Comment Wall?

Thank in advance,
I'm not sure, I never attached a pic before...

Eureka!  Firefox settings prevented me from seeing the toolbar.  Duh. 

Works fine in IE.


Take care,


Works fine for me, in Firefox, too.  Is yours fully up to date?  You're probably either missing some plug-ins or have some add-on that's messing with it.


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