On Tuesday, however, Pat Robertson said that God told him the nation's downfall would be triggered by an economic collapse. He suggested that God told him this would come about if Obama was elected to another term.


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nice heh heh

I've said before and will repeat that "talking to god" isn't a dialog; it's a MONOLOG, a self-generated conversation between a person and what that person imagines his deity to be. The product of this conversation, as a result, can be anything that person wants it to be, which opens Pandora's Box and rather widely.

Now me, I talk to myself ... frequently, sometimes. It helps me to keep organized, especially when I'm multitasking. I've been known to answer myself, even argue with myself ... though I haven't interrupted myself! [grin!] In all of that, I know who is talking and who is listening. What sometimes scares the whee outta me is that the believers either cannot or do not recognize this or even want to.

Most of my "talking to god" includes a lot of cussing at the work of engineers from all different  fields.

Jim Huber (of "Kissing Hank's Ass" fame) said it well:

Q: How can you be absolutely certain there is no God?

A: I don't need to be absolutely certain there is no God to be an atheist, I just have to be reasonably certain that when people pray that I get hit by lightning, they're really just talking to themselves.

i talk to mesef too, it drives my wife up the wall tho, so i dont get to do it much, cept when im on the toilet.

Do you think he's not telling us because he doesn't want to look like a fool when he is wrong or he really has some inside knowledge or he will get in trouble for directly telling his viewers who they should vote for. By the way he was talking about how bad things were going to get, god must have told him Obama was the one.

If you don't tell anyone what god said to you, then you can always change your statement later, I mean look at what happened to Harold Camping, he spoke out and made a fool of himself, though I am pretty sure he made a lot of money out of it too, so maybe looking like a nut in public isn't so bad for your bank account.

I find it amusing that God takes such an interest in American politics.

Of course he does.  God doesn't give a fuck about any other country.  If you aren't American, no need to pray.  He ain't listening.

the idea that anyone takes pat robertson seriously is simply appalling. utterly. yet he remains so a whole bunch of people have to be sending him money every week. this is even more appalling to me.

We know that God (or god or gods) has/have particular fondness for America.  After the Israelites repeatedly sinned and incurred god's wrath, their status as "chosen people" was withdrawn.  Having your city sacked and your people expelled from your homeland has a tendency to bespeak no longer enjoying god's favor.  So from ~140 AD to 1607 AD (settlement in Jamestown), God was lonely and bereft of a chosen people to favor.  Then in 1607 he settled on America as the place to reassert himself, and we've been his anointed ever since.  Predictably, every American president has dutifully professed faith and fealty to god.

But here's my question:  Carter, Clinton and Obama all profess Christian faith, and yet they are dismissed as charlatans and imposters.  Reagan and the Bushes profess Christian faith, and are embraced as the genuine article.  Does this mean that God is a Republican?  And does this mean that Christians should quit worrying about original sin, about being part of the Calvinist Elect and all that... and instead just check their political party affiliation? 

My response is to be even more cynical of both Republican and Democratic parties and policies; they are both based on money that buys the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. They even go so far as to corrupt research paid for by taxpayers. 

If Carter, Clinton and Obama all profess to be Christians, what does that mean? Well, it depends; some believe accept Christ as lord and savior and all sins are forgiven, others say god reward those who believe and wealth is one sign of god's approval, others believe they are the chosen ones and have a right to dominion over all that is, was, and ever will be. 

If Reagan, H.W.Bush and G. Bush profess to be christian, then show me evidence of such belief. Did any of them care for the working man? Did any of them make a living by doing benevolent labor? Did any of them us their "power" whatever that is, to benefit themselves or to strengthen the fabric of USA and all its citizens? In my opinion, they were manipulators and exploiters.  




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