Not atheist themed, but I am an atheist and I wrote this. Check it out!

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That's gold. And there's plenty more musicians like that!

I love this site. Is it the same people who used to have Cracked magazine?
Yes, indeed. The format is different, but it once was Cracked magazine. This was a childhood dream of mine, to write for either Cracked or Mad. And I succeeded.
Aww that's so rad! Are you going to write for them some more?

Cracked has gotten a lot funnier...when I was a kid I kind of thought they were the less funny version of Mad. They have changed their format a lot! They have all this factual and skeptical stuff, but usually in a hilarious way.
I'd like to write more, but I'm freelance, so we'll see. I hope to pitch to other sites as well. Cracked has helped foster a lot of knock-off sites, none of which get the same traffic but some of them pay better and none of them have as high standards of qualityas Cracked does. So it's a nice trade-off, since I can put in less effort and get paid more, but I'll get less views.




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