Jesus Clouds

I came across this pic today and while quite cute and amusing, it was the comments below it that got my attention. One commenter wrote:

"That guy does religious sky writing fairly frequently and Jesus isn’t the only thing he writes. On occasion, he does more than one word."

One might wonder at what the other words may be and I thought this might inspire some of you to guess what else he might write or to add a caption to the photo.

Original post here: Distant Creations


                    Jesus Loves....... Epcot

                    Jesus Hires Planes...You can too!

                           ABC Charter Plane Company

Have fun!

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How about … "Jesus saves! Moses invests! "


Jesus Saves! Moses Gets the Rebound!

Yeah, I know - that's a LOT of writing to do! [chuckle!]

Jesus Sanchez -- Lawn Maintenance -- 555-2146

Ha ha love it!

Looks more like JFSUS to me.

Jesus - Schmeesus

Jesus Alou...With Diamonds






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