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Riiiight... the televangelists' god is all-powerful, he created the universe... but he needs your money!

On the nose!

they say jesus saves and i want to know where?

I hope everyone recognizes the statue - the new "Buddy Christ", a friendlier savior to help fill more seats and more collection plates. From the all-time greatest religious movie, Dogma...

When it came out,  some wag suggested handing out Catechisms at the doors so moviegoers could get all of the jokes.


Saw this on msnNOW yesterday.

A pastor's note on a restaurant bill has unleashed an unholy outcry on Reddit. A snapshot shared by an apparently stiffed server shows the gratuity scratched out and a big "0" written in its place. "I give God 10% Why do you get 18" the diner scrawled on the $34.93 receipt, adding the word "Pastor" above his signature. The poster said the man's party of 20 ran up a big tab but asked for separate checks, "thinking it would get them out" of the automatic 18 percent gratuity for large groups, "even though the same man paid for everything."


So, in addition to dealing with a group of 20, the poor server had to ring up multiple checks - just so that he could ultimately be stiffed on the tip by a man of god.  That pastor will get to the pearly gates and Jesus is going to punch him in the balls.

It is kinda ironic that a pastor would claim he gave 10% of his "earnings" to god, considering that (a) his earnings come from other peoples' tithes, and (b) his tithe gets put in the pot to pay himself.  I hope he's smart enough to never order food in that restaurant again.  Actually, I hope he does ... give him a chance to try that special sauce they've prepared just for him.

Ha - the plot thickens!  The nice lady pastor got a server fired over her own snarky behavior.  Personally, I like the food at Applebees okay, but I know how shitty they treat their employees so I rarely ever eat there anymore.  My daughter worked there for a while, and I heard plenty enough to make me choose another restaurant to spend my money at.  They should realize by now that bad news spreads much quicker than good news, regardless whether it involves customers or how they treat the staff.

edit - that was supposed to be in response to Brent below.  Thanks for the additional info.

That happened here in St. Louis, and an Applebee's in South STL city - I've ate at that one before, though it's been quite a while since I've been there.

Made the local news here tonight as well. From KTVI-TV, the local Fox affliate:

BTW, the pastor in question wasn't male, but female.

Yikes hell on earth at its worst... are these instriments for god who?..
no offence to our friends the pigs who as smart as they may be and have served us well with out their consent I am sure I thank you... but these human PIGS take the cake and eat it too.. I can not believe how desperate some people get to buy into the unwholelyness.. no ...stupidity and ignorance and just plain loss of self respect... they get sucked right up into it in to the bowels of darkness...
we the people of the world.. the real ones.. surely must shine a light on these poor excuses for human beings the likes of ..peter popoff .. benny hin .. pat robertson and the rest.. you know who you are eh.....are they sociopaths or what or just like gold plated toilet seats?
I guess waking up and smelling the coffee won't work too good even if you try to use it for an enema. thing is if you have your head stuck up so far the sun doesn't shine a light on the dimness of mind you will be in the hell on this world and unfortunately making it bigger for the rest of us men.

But he won't take American Express... ;)

Give him time.

ROFLOL. For centuries, Christians have been portraying Jesus in their own image.  You think the original Savior knew about the thimbs-up and wink?


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