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I think the original savior would have looked like someone we would hesitate to let on an airplane, not the guy with light-brown hair and blue eyes, like in all of the paintings.

True religion Is a door..If you read the bible and strap on some wings... to the pearly gates of the mouse trap of your mine...smell the cheese...
it might possibly have started out with good intent some one who had some kind of paradime thinking.. we are.. one..separated only by our thoughts..chances are this perhaps wise person thought he could give some heart and some soul into things to soften up the harsh laws of the land after all look what god was saying in his old testament and god the son knew dear dad was getting it wrong eh .....
and so he was pushed out of mother natures womb to share good stuff to comfort one another ....unfortunately we non believers I guess know for the most part what happened on down the line through history because we took time to question and reason and probably didnt much believe in miricals and religious dogma fairy tales we figured it out with self realization and probably see it for what it really is.. lies written in stone.. absolute bull stuff.... and it started sprouting like weeds and here we are today suffering from the errant word of their god these chosen ones forced on us this law of the universe... hello is any body out there.
god I tried be a good boy and refrain from life... dear god I even lusted.. holy cow....I am going to go blind and all kinds of bad things going to happen.. no no not another book of JOB trip yikes
so my friends the saying goes ...if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.. the hell imposed on us and stand up to the fire breathers tell them where to go heaven or hell it's all good as long as they get off the mother earth... to bad they got it ass backwards hells their trip not ours.. and it's a shame.. but live and learn..but hey you absolutist out there ...leave the innocent alone especialy the children give them a pressious brain to think with give them freedom of thought and dont destroy the world with your madness ok.....ignorance cannot be bliss really.. believe me a Christ told me so ..and if there was a real christ of love he is not very pleased in his name what you all have been up to just ask him and find out for your self and dont forget his essense was love not war so get over telling us where to go and please keep your bad thoughts to yourself unless you can supply some free love.. most would hope....
namaste is a nice word.. at least it's trying to get along not like the amen stuff.

ROFLMAOPIMP.  Any particular type of cheese?  :-)

Right on...he probably looked like Yassir Arafat.

If some thing smells fishy and the heavens rain mana you know cheesa the messiah is close at hand... through in all the wine you can drink at a party and raising the dead right out of their graves ....cheesa the most over comming odorous cheese ever manufactured by man or I will say it backwards so I am not stuck down dog ma.ehmen.




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