My apartment complex had a thanksgiving party for all of the residents.  Naturally, there was a group singing xmas carols and two preachers preaching. 


I was walking through the hallway and one of the preachers grabbed me and another neighbor.  We were told to identify ourselves and tell us something about ourself.


This is what I said.


Hi, my name is Regina and I am a BLACK ATHEIST CHICK.


Clint said:


I am a Jewish Communist Sodomizer.


The preacher said, well, well, I don't know what to say except, no more introductions.


Everyone that attended the party was in shock.

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Someone put some religious literature on my door.  I grilled a steak outside and I used the literature for fuel.

Who said recycling is not good?

I look forward to the day when people make no assumptions about believing in a god, any god, or spirits, or divine intervention, or all the poppycock that goes with each one. So many religions have the capacity to make people feel small, insignificant, helpless, in need of some spirit-ghost to take care of them. 
Although I would not have responded as a "Communist Sodomizer", simply because I am neither. I would have chosen words that were accurate, true, and as strong as I could muster: "I am a heretic and apostolic atheist who finds religion disgusting."

However, I am not always the most effective one at making a point. You go for it.

Joan, here's the information on Clint.

Clint is Jewish.  Clint is a member of the Communist Party.  Clint is GAY. So Clint was telling the truth. 

After that comment was made, leasing management is discussing whether or not to have clergy at the resident xmas party.

Oh! I am so gad that Clint spoke honestly for himself, with self-respect, dignity and courage. I assumed he was being smart ass. You showed me that, once again, I jump to conclusions. Clint is my hero!  Thanks for confronting me with my error! 

Always remember I am the smart ass of the group.  Leasing management is still reeling from my revelation.  So far, the people that used to bother me are not bothering me anymore.  I've been telling people about my "religious" affiliation and they have not been listening and they are listening now.

Being a smartass is a prerequisite for being a hero, and you are my hero.





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