It Also Says Don't Eat Pork, We Ain't Got Refrigerators Yet So It Will Get the Tricky Worms

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It is horrible to stone women for being women but it goes on in Muslim societies, just as does female circumcision, a very painful practice of virtually removing all pleasurable sensations from the vagina so that the females of those nations don't behave like cats on a hot tin roof.  Indeed, the stupidity of the monotheistic religions is only exceeded by their misogyny.  Religion poisons everything.

Mrow? And how do the tomcats behave?

Why do people take me literally.  It was a joke.

James, it's funny, but only barely so, because the statement in the cartoon above is fully corroborated in the bible, which is tragic.  Back then, they meant what they said and would gladly carry out sentence, the feelings of the woman notwithstanding.

This is the brand of humor Heinlein described in Stranger in a Strange Land, where you laugh because IT HURTS, and laughter is the only means to stop it from hurting.  Personally, I haven't found humor at another's expense funny for more years than I care to count, nor am I likely to ever again, considering there was a time when I was the target of such humor.  I do still laugh at the absurd and some other things, and I can recognize and play with this brand of humor (as I did below) ... but I recognize it for what it is ... and I don't EVER laugh at it.

With the bible, double jeopardy doesn't attach.  Hell, the bible never HEARD of double jeopardy!  It just stones as it pleases, and any other consideration be damned.

If the rapist had a father that didn't like his son going around raping women, wouldn't he be allowed to have his SON stoned to death?

Just sayin'....

How about a son who went around STONING people?  Or is that too "Bob Dylan" for you?

Well, you know what the Taliban always say: "Everybody must get stoned."




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