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Humans can really come up with some kooky stuff.

Love the responses from the fisherman! This was hilarious!

Yes, they were tough...that's what they did...I had to re-circumcise them to get them to listen...another miracle that never made the front pages.


He seems to have some serious control issues, let alone delusions. 

I wonder how many people had a similar reaction in Jesus's time (assuming he existed at all)? There was a number of people making claims like this at this period. I imagine jesus sought out the most supersticious people he could find, such as, oh I don't know, lets say fisherman and also taxmen desperate for friends.

I wonder if he was smart enough to make a primative megaphone out of papyrus or perhaps wood, he was a carpenter alledgedly?

 "I imagine jesus sought out the most superstitious people he could find"



That's not narrowing it down much, in that time period.  Most people were uneducated in any kind of science and were quite superstitious.  Hell, even science of the time period had a lot of what we now know to be ridiculous ideas.

If you watch 'Deadliest Catch' you'll see why I chose fisherman (or crabbers in their case)., oh I know, you are really big, how about Peter. :)

Cephas sounds kinda wuse.


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