Just tripped over this while browsing the web and ... well ... have a look, and you tell me.  BTW, if you can't read it properly as it is, just click on it to get it full-sized.

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Gosh, makes it seem like religious sanctimony is something made up to benefit politicians and pundits and pastors and priests, to manipulate the ordinary person. It's a good thing the people don't fall for that.

Although, even the nicey nice Jesus is a cherry picked, fake version that does not describe the bible myth in its entirety.

The Bible is inconsistent; every sort of Christian, whether nicey-nice, fire-and-brimstone, or something else, has no choice but to cherry-pick the scriptures! (Susan Blackmore describes the Bible as "adaptable" to supporting wildly different stances: one of the factors in its longevity as an influential text.)

And that likely applies to quite a few religions' holy books!

Gosh, I haven't read Susa Blackmore in months; I'll have to get caught up with her. 

That was an observation in The Meme Machine.

The Bible has so many contradictions and myths that it takes contorted logic and improbable conjecture to try and reconcile them.

Around here, this is not news.  In the theist community?  'Nother matter!  [grin!]

None of this addresses the true son of God, Jebuz.

No way. Remember that Odin is a son of Bor and Bestla.




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