I live in the bible belt. All day long I have hear about Jebus and how great he is. Jehovah's witnesses have the morning slot. If I leave my house after 7:30 am, there's a 50% chance I will run into one and they'll explain how the devil put dinosaur bones there to trick us. Then at work, I have to hear about the angels that had sex with people to create giants, how evolution is a "religion of nothingness", and the precedent set by the ill-fated, Tower of Babel.
Then there's my roommate. If each one of the religious highlights of my day were a colored lion, he would be Voltron. Here are a few of his gifts.

Why slavery happened in the US:
(I am african-american btw)

Me: The bible said slavery was cool, in both testaments. Why would god want any kind of slavery to happen at all?
Bob: Cause of y'alls wrongs.
Me: Our wrongs?
Bob: Yeah...

Why he only needs to know English:

Me: You ever thought about learning another language, just for fun?
(I studied Spanish for 8 years which means nothing, I'm not that good. No practicar.)
Bob: I don't need to learn any other language. That just does not appeal to me.
Me: Why not?
Bob: God divided us up and change the languages for a reason. He obviously wants us to stay separate.

Those are always fun, but sometimes I worry. He also believes that when "Tribulation" begins, he will have a major role in it. He believes that's a good thing. But I've been working on my debating skills, and we've made progress. The sad/funny thing is he's not a bad person, but that Jebus juice has him fucked up.

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Venting is why we come here!
I hear you, man.
I am an evolutionary biologist working in Kansas.
I don't even socialize Hardly at all because I can't stomach religiously-retarded rednecks
And their holier-than-thou attitude.
Oh yeah, you are the chosen ones, right.
I am beyond debating with them.
You can't argue with blind belief.
Once they drink that cool-aid, there is nothing you can do with them.
And your point about a second language is well taken.
Having a second language is like having a different way to think and express yourself.
(I'm fluent in Spanish, BTW)
But your room-mate's response illustrates how intellectually stultifying the effects of religion can be.
It's a convenient excuse to justify ignorance and not doing anything about things that need to be changed in the world. That's why I really can't have religious friends. Because I really can't respect their voluntary abdication of intellect.
It could have been worse.  Your friend could have stated "if English was good enough for Jesus then it is good enough for me."
I think I got it from a congresswoman.  Can't remember the source.

Is "Bob" real ?  If so, he is a complete and total idiot.  Ask him if the fact that the early gospels were not in english means that they were not meant for him to understand and follow.



Oh he's all too real. His explanation for anything he can't understand is Gawd did it, and he just needs to have faith. On more than one occasion, he'll say "Gawd doesn't want me to know that, and when I die, all things will be revealed."
that is a nice little cocoon he's built.
Yeah, it's always impressive to see this sort of layering of nonsense and non-answers.  I wouldn't be so against this sort of intellectual isolation, if these people didn't then turn around and inflict the results of their delusion upon the rest of society.
Unfortunately, far too many people just don't want to think. They want answers, shitty as they may be, handed to them.
it would be funny if it wasn't so abhorrent.

There are people who think like Bob who are actively trying to bring about armageddon.  Fanatics in Israel want to rebuild the Temple, which would inevitably bring about a war with the Arabs and/or Muslims.  There's a hitch, though.  No one who has had any contact with the dead can enter the Temple, and nobody is quite sure exactly where its walls were.  Given that contact with the dead could mean something as innocuous as walking over a grave--and there are a lot of unmarked graves in Israel--no one can be sure he or she has never had "contact."  So they have to be "purified" with water mixed with the ashes of a sacrificed red heifer "without blemish."  Luckily, those are pretty rare.  Enter Yankee ingenuity.  Some American Christians are trying to breed the perfect red heifer.  Also, the heifer has to reach three years of age without any blemishes appearing.  The last candidate sprouted some white hairs in her tail at age two, which might have saved the world.  Also, the rabbi who sacrifices the heifer must be pure (no contact with the dead), so one group is trying to build a school on a raised platform where pregnant Jewish women can give birth.  Their male offspring would be trained as rabbis who would be pure--no contact with the dead, get it?  Once one of these boys is old enough to have his bar mitzvah (age 12), he can become a rabbi and slaughter the magic red cow.  Then soldiers can be purified and the Temple Mount recaptured.  War will ensue, the Temple will be rebuilt, armageddon will occur, and evangelical Christians will be raptured while the Jews, led by their twelve-year-old rabbis, will suffer through the Tribulation.


They are lunatics playing with fire in our house.



Stop the world I want to get off!
I was laughing all the way through that until I suddenly realized that it's probably true. Sobered me right up.




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