You will have all seen the (in)famous bananaman video on Youtube (refresh your memory of it here) starring Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

Of course, that was just the edited version. Here is the way it really went...

Kirk and Ray - Bananamania

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It also carries with it the implication that pineapples, coconuts, artichokes and other food that's hard to access are not intelligently designed.

Hell, even the basic apple fails the intelligent design criteria that these people have put forth.
I had a physics professor who used to say, "This isn't right. It's not even right enough to be wrong."
I CANNOT believe they do that "skit" with straight faces.

Just like a monkey, or maybe an ape.
I can not be the only one who noticed that. (I just hear ooh ooh - ah ah the whole time)
No disrespect intended towards the monkey and ape communities.
From the genius at Overcompensating.




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