I find the two Mr. Deity series very funny, particularly the first. You can watch it best on Crackle: http://crackle.com/c/Mr._Deity/ although there are a couple of missing episodes (3 & 10 of series 1) that you can find on the Mr. Deity website: http://www.mrdeity.com/

The humor is very witty and the acting superb. There are even a few subtle references that you need to be quick & knowledgeable to catch, particularly the voice-mail prayers in Series 1, Ep 4 (see if you can figure out which). I'll be interested if anyone catches some more subtle ones!


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Mr. Deity is hilarious!
Mr. Deity announced yesterday that they were working on a new series (Series 3): http://www.youtube.com/user/misterdeity I can't wait!
It's a shame these talented people haven't had the break they deserve yet to put the show on TV. One can understand the reluctance of the large network companies to air it, but I would have thought one of the cable companies would have the guts to try it on late-night, HBO have taken "risks" in the past - Ali G show comes to mind, and Comedy Central have been very irreverent but I guess this is still too big a step for them as well.




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