Pat Robertson says Oral Sex is fine

Ever since Pat Robertson found pot, he's become even more of a joke.

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What took him so long. I discovered this when I was about 16 yrs. old. And it was better than fine. It was amazing! Kinda slow, ain't he.

I love how people interpret the bible to say what they want. Correct me if I am wrong, but does the bible state any specifics about what is sinful sex and what is not?? My understanding is that anything other than the missionary position is acceptable and ONLY for procreation. FSM forbid we do anything that gives us the least bit of pleasure.

Now that I am on the other side, I see how sick christianity is. It is ALL about self-denial. I truly wish it would all go away. Yet people latch on to these self-proclaimed preachers as if they KNOW what god thinks, likes, hates, and believes he sends natural disasters to show us the disapproval of aspects of our lives that he (supposedly) created.

Back to the subject of sex - why give us the ability of pleasuring ourselves and our partner, THEN tell us it is wrong? Shows me what a sick, sadistic bastard man created. Control is what is is all about. Glad to be done with it.

....isn't it really creepy that Pat Robertson is discussing this topic?? EEWWW!!
Egads, I can't edit my post......I meant to say that nothing but the missionary position is acceptable.

And if god TOLD Pat Robertson this, he needs to be put in a rubber room.

I've had enough!  This is the last straw.  Pat Robertson's show has really gone downhill.  First it was the sinfulness of Three's Company and then the trashiness of Married....With Children.  And now this.  I can't believe I feel dirty from watching The 700 Club.  I'm about ready to throw out my TV.    

Gee whiz, like I REALLY need Pat Robertson's permission to indulge in oral sex!  Anyone who actually takes any kind of cue from that idiot is nursing a SERIOUS vacuum between their ears.  That man needs to be IGNORED to the point where no one even hears him place an order for a venti at Starbucks!

With all of the scandals that have come out over the past few years regarding well-known preachers, I can't help but wonder if Oral Roberts has anything to do with this. It boggles the mind!

I think god is doing it wrong, because, it is better than "fine".

It is a whole lot better than fine when you get it right, and even the practicing is better than fine.

They say religion destroys everything, but it is going to be really struggling if it takes on oral sex, I think.



ROFLMAO.  Thanks I needed that laugh.

So is he saying that it is OK to have sex while thinking of Oral Roberts.

I'm STILL not going to go down on him.....


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