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Now stop that! You've given me a giggle fit!

Sequel, three words:


Atheist. Flash. Mob.

stick it to em’. They don’t like it one bit!
this is why we can't have nice things. how is it helpful to behave exactly like them? he's justifying everything they believe about us.
Not necessarily.  For all the preachers know, he could be a Muslim or Pagan.
no, they expect people from other religions to be visibly different from them.

Uhhhh, not following you, then.  How does acting just like them justify their belief that other religions are visibly different from them?


Or do you mean that they think Muslims are all brown and speak with a middle-eastern accent?  Please elaborate and clarify.

i mean when they see a white guy who wears a collared shirt and tie and does not wear beads or tie dye or some other such thing, AKA "dresses like a christian", but is not christian, they assume atheist. the preachers won't have even considered that he could be from another religion (except "atheism" of course)

Hmm, possible.  I've known several Pagans who wear suits and ties, though.  The women tend to add lots of new-agey jewelry, but the men don't effect much.  It has to do with the corporate culture giving women more leeway in their dress.


What about Scientologists?  They're usually more straight-laced than atheists, and they also get quite vocal.  I guess you could cross off the Pagans, since we haven't seen much about them in the media, lately, but Scientology has been advertising a good bit.

scientologists try to appeal to christians, they don't attack them. christians expect atheists to be mean and bigoted, "antagonistic".

Hmm, that's a point.


Okay, so they know it's us.  I still don't understand why we shouldn't do this.  We can't deconvert these sorts of preachers.  Unless they come to it on their own, as Dan Barker did, they can't be helped.  They're too far in.

We can possibly save those watching, though.  The aggressive approach will reach some, and the gentle approach will reach others.  Both are useful.  Some people examine their irrational beliefs when they're mocked for them.

they won't examine anything except how much of a dick you are if you take pleasure in upsetting other people. it reaches nobody. particularly when the prejudice already exists that religion automatically deserves respect. if you act exactly like the religious, you don't have the excuse they have in this culture where they are given leeway because of "respect". the ONLY way to respond is with a calm, passive, thorough explanation of the facts. if there is the slightest sign of anger in your approach, or if you are simply a sociopath like the guy in the video, you do not deserve to be listened to. someone who has to be so violently forceful about their views is displaying both an intense fear that they are wrong and an intense need to be right. it's faith. facts do not need faith.




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