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The first part of definition two.  Think visually.

Which vowel does 3 look more like?  o's are generally represented by zero, particularly if there's a diagonal slash through it in the given font.


A 4 is generally an A.  1's are very versatile, though.  They're used as L's, T's, I's, and sometimes J's.

Leet speak - elite speak ???


promise last question :]

Yup, that's the meaning.  I've also seen it done with a few other inserts:  1337 5p34k, and similar.  Personally, I think that's going a bit overboard.  I don't use it myself, though, so I'm not that worried about it.


Heh, and don't sound apologetic about it, like at the end there.  I like bantering semantics.

me, too.  yeah, it does rather too much to me also.  hope to sp34k to you soon again. . .  (anyway 'grups' won't understand what we're saying, like ya know :]

"like ya know"?

Great, I've just turned Alexa into a 12 year-old valley girl.  :-D

my dear joseph - the phrase was one used - umm like eons ago.  you can imagine any age you want :]  - but i'm old enough to have said 'like ya know' way back when it was used first. i mean, it was like ummm, the 'gag me with a spoon' era - yup valley girls. ROFL  (i'm in new york - where are you?)

Yup, we had valley girls back in the 80's.  :-D


If I get to play pretend, I'll imagine you're around 20 or so.  18 works, for legal reasons, but most 18 and 19 year-olds are still in the silly, high-school phase.  You need a few years for most of them to get that knocked out of their system.


Raleigh, NC here.

absolutely fabulous - good for you !!!!   preaching to the preachers.  i could hardly watch it though - they made me so mad !!!!!  of all the nerve (them, not you :)   just look at what they caused   lol

way to make us all look like bigots.
Good for giving them a dose of their own medicine.
in case you forgot, their medicine is bad medicine, and we're supposed to not be giving it to anyone.
i call that hypocrisy




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