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You say the joke isn't funny.  Obviously, the street preachers agree with you.  Also obviously, many people here disagree with you.


And no, saying that you're missing some of the details is not a personal attack.  Saying that your argument is invalid because you're a pedophile would be a personal attack.  My comment had everything to do with your thought processes that made you make the statement you did.  That's perfectly within the scope of the argument.


After the things you've said about the differences between Canadian and British spelling, and after your demonstration of your grasp (or lack thereof) of literary vocabulary, I'm not accepting anything that you try to explain to me, without outside confirmation.

Look up ad hominem attacks on Wikipedia.  Here, let me do it for you:  Ad hominem

there is no joke here to be funny. what you're experiencing is not a humorous response, it's schadenfreude, because you're an evil little person who enjoys watching people be bullied. some people laugh at seeing someone get assaulted, does that make assault funny? no, it makes them evil people. it has nothing to do with whether the victim deserved sympathy or not.


it is not within the scope of the argument. if i say grass is blue, and you say grass is green, and i say "that's because you're colourblind", i have not proven my point, it's not even relevant to the point. it would only be a valid observation had i already given evidence of my claim. without that evidence, it is an ad hominem, an attempt to substitute an argument by discrediting the other person.

And you're not even going to read the article.  Yeah ... right ... you're done.  Bye.
i've read the article. it supports my point and not yours. stop giving evidence for my points and saying they prove yours.
once again, address your comments at the bigot in the video to whom they actually apply.
It's your character at question here now, man, not the guy in the video.  You've given sufficient material for the observers to get involved and start enjoying themselves.

Yeah, I'm about ready to say, "Fuck it," and click the Stop Following link.  I won't, because I never do that, but I'm tempted.


At first, I was doing it out of puerile amusement ... later out of some hope that I could reach this guy.  I've pretty much given up on that, now.  I think, at this point, I've resorted to pure bloodymindedness.  If he falls back into the mindless name-calling again, I'm letting it sit at that.

at this point i'm sending this location's email to junk - yawn !!!!!!!   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
The Stop Following button also does the trick.

How wonderful! Antagonism works!   I have often been told I'm antagonistic.  I tried so hard to be more mellow.  Maybe being a thorn in the side of a bigot is a worthy occupation, after all.

This comment is about the video of the street preachers, not my esteemed fellow atheists squabbling on this thread.  

woah! I gotta try this the next time I go to the town. I'll be stoned, but hey!



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