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Perfect!  What a great way to shut them up!  Too bad they don't see the hypocrisy, but rather choose to pack up and move on to the next abortion clinic where they won't have the truth thrown at them.  Too much for their poor brainwashed minds to deal with :P  

Keep up the good work, Mike!  

Mike, you're awesome!  I hope those of us who can will follow your lead.  Planned Parenthood needs supporters like you.  Women need defenders like you.  Americans need examples to follow, and you are a good -- nay, excellent! -- example.

Mike FTW.

lame lame

Awwww. I can't believe you made them pack up a go home... Seriously, touting bible verses to prove hypocrisy and ridiculousness?.

Praise to you Mike, you clever bugger!

One of your best vids ever! Anytime I have any kind of similar demonstration happening near me, I will do similar!


You are definitely an inspiration, Mike, no matter what they say about you!

wildly awesome!




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