I originally posted this question in the Atheists who love Science! Forum. The feedback has been great and sometimes a little comical, so I decided to also post it in the Athiest Humor forum to share the fun.

I am writing an opinion piece and would like participation in this informal survey.
Wanted to include most of the reasons people use to pick a religion, or think influence people to pick a religion (since many now claim atheism is just another religion). It does sound silly when they are reversed to be reasons of religion abandonment (for perspective).
I know the question is fundamentally wrong and the answers seem silly, but it is to help keep the selection narrow and to prove/disprove my hypothesis:

How were you convinced to become an Atheist?
(Select the most applicable single answer)
A) A billboard (or sign)
B) A book
C) A miracle
D) I’m not an atheist
E) I don’t know
F) I wasn’t convinced, it was a realization of who I was
G) A specific person (not an authored book)
H) I was mad at my god(s)
I) I have always been an atheist
J) My god is an atheist, therefore I am an atheist
K) By physical or verbal threats
L) I signed a contract and now I’m stuck being an atheist
M) I had to become atheist to marry my spouse
N) Atheists are cool, and I wanted to be like them
O) Other (please explain in one sentence)

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I would reply "G" but I'm afraid that they would kick me off this site.

H and C because they go together.


"I was mad at my god(s) because of a book."

Oops....I meant H and B!



This video helped me to let go of "belief in belief", and a lot of stuff I read (mostly online but in books also).

I would say partly C (the bible) but mostly F.

O-Other   My inability to reconcile religion with scientific fact led me to be an atheist

---and then eventually that led to F   :)

G)  My sons encouraged discussions about religion and that gave me the information/verification I needed to admit that religion is man-made, although I was skeptical for years.  My sons, who are now 21 & 25, attended a roman catholic grade school and a Byzantine Orthodox school for high school........and they both considered themselves atheists before they graduated! :D
Grats on having awesome kids!



I don't remember what lead me to first question religion and theism, but I know that reading The God Delusion made me more comfortable calling myself atheist rather than trying to fence-sit with the label agnostic (which I now know was an inappropriate use of the term anyway).

B. I read the Bible.

O:  Every Saturday morning, these two guys would swing by my house and hand me an Atheism tract...


Kidding, kidding!


But, really, O:  It took A LOT of independent studying (science, religion, Bible, etc) for me to realize that God wasn't real and that Christianity wasn't true.




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