I originally posted this question in the Atheists who love Science! Forum. The feedback has been great and sometimes a little comical, so I decided to also post it in the Athiest Humor forum to share the fun.

I am writing an opinion piece and would like participation in this informal survey.
Wanted to include most of the reasons people use to pick a religion, or think influence people to pick a religion (since many now claim atheism is just another religion). It does sound silly when they are reversed to be reasons of religion abandonment (for perspective).
I know the question is fundamentally wrong and the answers seem silly, but it is to help keep the selection narrow and to prove/disprove my hypothesis:

How were you convinced to become an Atheist?
(Select the most applicable single answer)
A) A billboard (or sign)
B) A book
C) A miracle
D) I’m not an atheist
E) I don’t know
F) I wasn’t convinced, it was a realization of who I was
G) A specific person (not an authored book)
H) I was mad at my god(s)
I) I have always been an atheist
J) My god is an atheist, therefore I am an atheist
K) By physical or verbal threats
L) I signed a contract and now I’m stuck being an atheist
M) I had to become atheist to marry my spouse
N) Atheists are cool, and I wanted to be like them
O) Other (please explain in one sentence)

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I) I'm NBA (Natural Born Atheist). My whole family is a-theistic for at least 12 generations (researched so far - Sámi, Geatish ancestry)


In my early twenties I became an anti-theist after studying religious scriptures and religious history. I realized that religion and religious faith caused way too much damage to mankind, slowed down scientific progress and retarded social health. Still does!!

O)  The more I learned, thought and understood skepticism, science and the reality of how the universe, logic and reason work the less any sort of "god(s)" made any sense.
O) I hated going, I hated the book, I thought it was nonsense from when I was a small child.
F  which lead to L which is really OK because of N
A bit of F) and a lot of David Attenborough's 'Life on Earth' series.  Then I read more of the Bible and that sealed it!
My religious beliefs were always skeptical and somewhat ill-defined. I suppose I started out believing most of what I was taught and slowly dropped or altered most of those beliefs until a particular friend (who is, as it happens a part of this group) convinced me to call myself an atheist. Whether or not that is what the friend intended is another question.

I think choice "I" is the closest to my situation. For more on this, view my short essay on the topic, here:

Becoming an Atheist


My answer seems to be (I) I feel that I have always been an atheist. Even when I was a little kid, I grew up Catholic-and I always hated going to church it made me uncomfortable and I always thought that scary jesus was staring directly at me-Fuck off! But when I was about 10 I realized that "GOD" was the same as Santa or the Easter bunny- I realized praying was just as effective as wishing on a star-so I stopped. I passed up saying grace at dinner when it was my turn. Basically I had an awakening, I feel that religion is a form of weakness and fear of the unknown-well I stand alone and I fear nothing so Fuck Religion!
I) raised UU by an Atheist father and Agnostic/Atheist mother (who thought Jesus had some good ideas)
I don't think I've ever talked to an Atheist who didn't think Jesus had some good ideas.
Mixed in with several bad ones, yeah.  Hell, Hitler had some good ideas, too.


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