I originally posted this question in the Atheists who love Science! Forum. The feedback has been great and sometimes a little comical, so I decided to also post it in the Athiest Humor forum to share the fun.

I am writing an opinion piece and would like participation in this informal survey.
Wanted to include most of the reasons people use to pick a religion, or think influence people to pick a religion (since many now claim atheism is just another religion). It does sound silly when they are reversed to be reasons of religion abandonment (for perspective).
I know the question is fundamentally wrong and the answers seem silly, but it is to help keep the selection narrow and to prove/disprove my hypothesis:

How were you convinced to become an Atheist?
(Select the most applicable single answer)
A) A billboard (or sign)
B) A book
C) A miracle
D) I’m not an atheist
E) I don’t know
F) I wasn’t convinced, it was a realization of who I was
G) A specific person (not an authored book)
H) I was mad at my god(s)
I) I have always been an atheist
J) My god is an atheist, therefore I am an atheist
K) By physical or verbal threats
L) I signed a contract and now I’m stuck being an atheist
M) I had to become atheist to marry my spouse
N) Atheists are cool, and I wanted to be like them
O) Other (please explain in one sentence)

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I wasn’t convinced, it was a realization of who I was and after growing up in the 7th day adventist church.
B. A book - the Bible. Finally reading it made me realize how horrible and, ultimately, ridiculous it is.
F) I wasn’t convinced, it was a realization of who I was

I was raised a christian and I went to church every Sunday until I was 16. When I was around 12 years old I realized that there was no way there is any god, and that believing the bible is even more ridiculous.
F) I wasn’t convinced, it was a realization of who I was
B - HHGTTG, Douglas Adams
G - Person who suggested the book: My bible studies teacher in 7th grade (LAWLS)
F - "Wait, my CAT isn't going to heaven??" and "Wait, if everyone's 'born into' a specific religion, doesn't that make them all equally acceptable (or falsifiable)?", along with being told by the SDA church who ran the school, that my going to church on Sundays meant I was going to hell.
Mostly F but then G. Gary David Currie.
F and G -- multiple behaviors of individuals who claimed to be good Christians convinced me it was a bunch of bull&*#%

B: The World Book Encyclopedia AND G : A PUBLIC school teacher in Stuttgart, AR.


B) A book - the bible, yup sat down and actually read it... ta da!

B. The Koran and G. My Dad. Because growing up, my Dad(a devout muslim, to my point of view, someone in the extreme stage of delusion)always talked us into the idea of an almighty, most powerful, most loving God. And then my dad contradicted himself by always woke us up rudely at 3 in the morning/every morning to pray to God. I always wondered: if God was almighty, most powerful, most loving and all, why would he need us mere mortals to pray for him at such wee hours? To feel more powerful? To thank Him? But he's the almighty, most powerful. Why would he need that? Only a megalomaniacal someone could come up with such vicious idea, make your creations wake up at 3 to pray to you..

There were more of those nonsense I suffered when I was growing up, that's why I decided to make my mind my own mosque:-)

Yes, "Kissing Hank's Ass", a wonderful "parable" by Jim Huber -- more of his stuff is at www.jhuger.com .

He provides a great excuse to mention "J) My god is an atheist, therefore I am an atheist": he describes himself as a "mystic atheist"; God spoke with him in a vision and told him (among other things) that God didn't exist. (Maybe visions aren't reliably connected with reality....)




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