I just love Ricky Gervais - his humour and his honesty regarding belief and reality - he is a great advocate for us all...

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I just started watching the animations from his podcasts. Amazing wonderfully funny stuff. Oh, Karl. XD
I agree...Seth McFarland too! I love a funny non-believer!
Ricky Gervais is great -- Joy is right too - love Seth McFarland!
That was a great interview.  He really is well-spoken and reasonable.  People who get all offended by him need to realize he often just does the shock-stuff for the reaction...and that's what he gets paid for...comedy/satire.    He's really good at it.

well he's like anyone - he has his good and bad days - 


i thought his golden globe material wasn't well received by the audience...


i think he plays better to a british audience - he is more relaxed and understands what makes them tick better - being british himself...


i don't understand the golden globe material.....  it's not my scene


but i think it is funny when he rips into stephen hawkin - because he really likes the guy and it's a way of promoting astro physics by the way in his show.... :)


yes seth's cool too.... :)




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