The lead booklets recently revealed that were discovered near Galilee will undoubtedly generate several decades of shit storms . The first problem is the booklets are owned by an Arab Muslim and he isn't selling. The second problem is there are going to be social/political/religious pissing contests from every nationalist and religious fringe nut.

"The extraordinary picture of one of the recently discovered hoard of up to 70 lead codices – booklets – found in a cave in the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee is one reason Bible historians are clamouring to get their hands on the ancient artifacts.
If genuine, this could be the first-ever portrait of Jesus Christ, possibly even created in the lifetime of those who knew him." [bold mine]

Hmmmm, close but I think the burnt bacon rendering is much more “authentic”

But it's a toss up between burnt bacon jeebus and 3 cheese pizza jeebus
(What a friend we have in cheeses)


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I love how any portrait around that area and time MUST be Jeebus!  I mean, given the time and the dominant religion in the area, isn't it more likely that it's simply an illustration of some old-testament character?  Or even of Bob the rich Mayor (or whatever the equivalent may have been)?  Isn't that more likely than it being some dude who by the bibble-icle accounts only had twelve friends and a hooker really following him with any regularity.  I mean, just because he's popular now doesn't mean he was then... I mean, I heard that there was one town he showed up in that didn't like him at all.  In fact, they absolutely crucified him!  (or so the rumors say anyway...)
It would probably make religious people mad but I think the first picture looks more like a demon with horns not jeebus lol!
Looks like a scene out of the movie 'The Frighteners'.
Looks like Medusa to me.

Aaaaah, I'll stick with Jesus-as-a-dog's-butt!


Yeah, but you can eat the pizza ….....Mmmmmmh, three cheeses – I can even handle the burnt bacon.   But I do like dog butt Jeebus for its ability to really piss off the pious assholes lurking about.

Yup, that's my favorite so far, too.

Everybody knows Jesus was a white guy with long flowing hair and a beard.  I have been to church and I have seen his picture.  He did not have a prominent nose.  Paintings done in the Middle Ages tell me so.  This guy has a large nose and his hair is clearly on fire - which makes it a prophetic rendering of Richard Pryor. 

See Jesus:


Richard Pryor:

I suspect this is a posed picture that used Errol Flynn as Jeebus.

They are suspiciously simular




And Charlton Heston really IS Moses.
... with a gun.




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