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I've been an actor and improv comedian for many years, and I've recently begun doing a little stand-up. Any other comedians here? Non-famous comedians who want to blaspheme a bit (or a lot) in their acts have a lot of challenges. Do we please the audience with meaningless humor or annoy half the crowd by telling the truth?

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I listen to lots of comedians that I find funny and/or admire their technique and skill, though my act is not much like theirs. Stand-Ups likeMike Birbiglia, Patton Oswalt, Marcus Brigstocke, Eddie Izzard, Gallagher, Carlin, Cosby, Steve Martin, Buddy Hackett, Jack Benny, George Burns, Doug Stanhope... Groups like Firesign Theatre, Monty Python, The Marx Bros., Credibility Gap, Smothers Brothers, Mr. Show. Musicians like Weird Al, MC Frontalot, MC Hawking, Jonathan Coulton... I can learn something from or be inspired by anyone who does their job well, but I don't know if any of the influences show through.



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