So I already posted this in another group, but it didn't go over very well:


I verify health insurance at a local hospital. My boss asked me to find and print out sample insurance cards from major companies such as BCBS, United Healthcare, Cigna, etc...

While searching images on Google, this came up along with the rest of the samples:

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You can just embed the picture into the text of the message thread.  There's a tool in the toolbar, just to the right of the 'Link' button.  I think a basic copy and paste will paste the image into the window, as well.


Where did you find that, anyway?  I could see life insurance more easily than health insurance ... unless you're a total lunatic from Oregon, up on charges for killing your kid.

Thanks for the techie stuff. Unfortunately I tried from my iPad, so it wouldn't work that way. I found the image on Google Images. Yeah. Life insurance. Pascal's Wager, eh? LOL.
well, that ought to cut costs. if only it were possible to get those people to have jesus as their fuel source, transportation, postal service, ISP and armed forces, it might actually be possible to get a balanced budget. though jesus as an education system is not so helpful.
Don't forget welfare!


Natural selection at work!

Yes, but we don't want to discourage them by nominating them for Darwin Awards!




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