Here are some cartoons you folks might enjoy. I found them on my hard drive. Can't remember where I got them.

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great cartoons!

Good ones... thanks!

I'll repost them inline, so people don't have to click to see them.




(By the way, the "Add Image" button is much less obvious when you're writing the first post in a discussion. It's above the bar of bold/italic/quoted/etc. formatting tools.)


You'll pray for me? Great! I'll talk to my cat for you! Expect the same results(click to enlarge) from Secular Mike's post in Atheist Nexus (Official) on Facebook; I found the high-resolution cat picture without a caption is on

I've written that talking (or singing) to your cat can be therapeutic, but to borrow a line from Ivan Turgenev, it won't make 2+2 not equal 4.

Love those.  Thanks for sharing.


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