More genius satire from the brilliant Tim Minchin. This ruffled a few feathers. Good for him!



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"White Wine in the Sun" is another beautiful song of his that gets people angry.

Yup.  I downloaded that over a year ago and put it on a cd that I listen to on my way to family xmas gatherings.

I only get a You Tube error message on that link... what's the name of the piece?

Try it now...let me know if it doesn't work.

He really is a wonderful performer. His voice style reminds me of a young Elton John. I wish Canada had an equivalent to him to perform at our art festivals.

I really liked his rant that is published below... ah the cost of being an artist... scorned :(

Was there socialites news that I missed behind the Woody Allen reference?

...Playstations and beer.

+1000 internets!

yes i heard about this some where...  




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