Since starting my video series last year - I've received a lot of flack from atheists saying that I go "too far" or am exploitative in my methods. This video is for the atheists that hate me....

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Ha! You're the man, Lee! Keep oppressing the great oppressors. 

Dude, I didn't know you were here!  I saw your video earlier today, because I subscribe to your YouTube channel.  So, do me a favor:  Don't stop!

By the way, have you seen Greta Christina's lecture, "Why Are All You Atheists So Angry?"?  She gave it at Skepticon 4, and I found that on YouTube, too.  Lost track of how many times I've watched it, now.  If you haven't seen it, yet, it just might be a source of new (or, should I say, gnu -- lol) anti-theist ideas.  She hits a lot of nails on the head.

Thanks for your strong work, Mike!

OMG!!!   :)   Great Lecture, I am made to feel on a daily basis that there is something wrong with me because I am so angry!  I have always wanted to know why all these religious people are not angry about all the in-justice, pain, & suffering going on in the world.  And why do they no want to make it change and why they cannot admit RELIGION is the major factor??????????   Love you Greta!!!!!!!!

Lucy - have a look at Naturalism - for the causal web and determinism - to realise that the world couldn't be any other way right now - we are lead to this point due to fully caused causal factors that couldn't have been any other way.

Also, non-violent communication about how to manage personal anger, so that it can be direction and expressed fully in a productive way and doesn't cause self harm.

i Forgive you!!!!!

They deserve all they get. You went too easy on them I think, and you only told them once. People this stupid need to be told at least 3 times, very slowly.

Love your stuff, Mike!  Don't evar stop!

Way to go Mike - don't hold back buddy!

You go Mike!  I think your videos are freaking funny as hell.  I would love to see more Christians VS Atheists Kickball  soon!!! 

I haven't watched your videos, including the one above. I'm mainly commenting on the text portion of your article.

I want to say, how can you 'go too far' in your methods?? Don't reliigious people do that? I just mentioned today to my CFI group members that one reason why I don't like church and Christianity in general is that they say they are loving, yet as soon as you sit in a pew, you are yelled at, criticized, oppressed and ridiculed all over the place. They "love" yet yell at you that everything you do will send you to hell.

That's what I call 'going too far'.

Keep up the good work.

Pull up his YouTube channel. He's got some awesome, insane stuff. In this post, I think he's referring to one of our members who went on a bit of a tirade about how he was doing horrible things. He may have also gotten some responses on YouTube, itself. I generally stay out of the comments section of YouTube.

LOL - yes - I avoid you tube comment lists - some of them capture my attention due to amusement value - but what's the point?  Why waste time on garbage mostly from people who don't think too much about anything and love put down catch phrases with lots of short hand and swearing.




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