On our way back from Lubbock, there was a sign on the side of the highway that said, "Keep your eyes on Jesus!". My daughter looted out that it'd be better for drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

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I remember a family trip in the 70's when I was about 10.  We drove by a huge cross emblazoned with "Jesus Saves". 


I let out a harumph under my breath.  My father, a former presbyterian minister said.  "It should read 'Jesus Sucks'..."


It as the coolest thing he'd ever said and ever would say.

Smart girl!

My daughter and I were pondering a church marquee sign in our town with the message:


God is our steering wheel,

Not our spare tire.


Things that make you go 'hmmmm'?


We both came to the conclusion that Christians aren't supposed to just use their religion in emergencies but as a guiding force.  But I think it's interesting how 'drive-by' religious messages cleverly 'hook' the reader as a marketing device!  I agree with your daughter's observation that drivers SHOULD keep their eyes on the ROAD, however, and all these distractions don't help except in places where people are commuting on long boring roads or roads that get backed up a lot. And humor goes a long way if it's not too stale: for ex:

What's Missing? CH CH.  UR.  (sigh).


I keep reading material IN my car so I don't have to depend on external sources.  I guess THAT is a metaphor for my everyday life philosophy, as well:  Keep your wacky ideas inside and don't force them on others unless the situation calls for it.... I don't like to be 'fished for' by Christians or any other group.  Call me fiercely independent!  I will defend my atheism if the need arises but I don't 'proselytize' my lack of beliefs.

Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Even better, we'd just seen a trailer park with security gates and a guard station.
I live in TX...I know, I know....I can't stand it either.  Anyway, there's a huge billboard on the side of the highway that says, "Think God."  The naughty side of me would love to get a spray can and a ladder and cross off "God."
My favorite was a huge billboard with a suffering, bleeding jeebus on the cross and the message "He loved you this much".  I thought, what a shitty valentine card that would make.
Haha. That reminds me of a joke a coworker told me years ago. "Why do prostitutes love jesus? Cause he's hung like this."
A cartoon with two foreground figures talking and a crucifixion in the background. The caption was, “You want to make a holiday out of what??”




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