I'll be listening to Thunderf00t on The Thinking Atheist's podcast, watching The Atheist Experience, and celebrating knowledge with my kids.

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Probably watching Indianapolis 500 qualifying and laughing my arse off at the idiot-children who THOUGHT they were going to get swept up in the ruptured Rapture!
It's my 24th Birthday, so I'll be celebrating that...
We're having a rapture party on Saturday, and will be relaxing on Sunday!
participating in the facebook snark fest
nothing special. probably telling off thunderf00t fans.
Don't wait; you may not get the chance! JK! ;)
I like the idea of having a "Going-away" party on the 20th followed by a hearty laugh on the 22nd...
I'll be burning in hell!
I think this is my favorite response! LMFAO.
Well, let's see here— via FaceBook I've got an invitation to POST RAPTURE LOOTING. pretty cool. All those religious nuts are gone! The stores are empty, especially here in the USA !!!

This whole May 21st Rapture thing is the best thing that's happened to atheism in a long time - at least, I suspect, in the USA (it's almost unknown anywhere else; here in the UK, if it weren't for the Internet, we'd never have heard of it).
It means we can all go around with a smug smile on our faces on May 22nd, and remark casually to any glum-looking Christian 'Family Radio' fan: "Oh, hi! Still here?"
Anyone know how to buy up all those idiots' cars, real estate, etc? You'd think that's be having a fire sale about now.

Actually, some of the end of days churches are STILL accepting donations (the bigger the better your chance of getting into heaven, I guess)...ESPECIALLY Harold Camping's church (they tried this in 1994, I guess it worked well enough for them--plus I guess his followers are total morons).




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