I'll be listening to Thunderf00t on The Thinking Atheist's podcast, watching The Atheist Experience, and celebrating knowledge with my kids.

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What?! You mean to tell me that it's not too late to save my soul?! Dear Lord! Wheres my check book!???
I'm hoping that God will go ahead and finally take up all his various chosen peoples and let the rest of us get along with it. Otherwise I'm gonna enjoy "His" great creation for one last time and go for a backpacking trip.
I've been working 12 hour days, this week.  I figure I'll probably sleep through the Rapture.
I think I'll be sitting in front of my computer with a glass of scotch and a few cigarettes, eagerly awaiting the inevitable backpeddling and excuse-making with a bloody big grin on my face :)
Partying my rear end off in Las Vegas!



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