By Vectron! Religion is everywhere on the planet so I suppose it started when we were just a few people in a small group in Africa... or in the spaceship of Xenu. Is this Xenu's spacecraft?



Any ideas?

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Oh, I love this, by Vectron !
By Vectron's kindly claw!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!
I love it!
Love it! Has anyone posted here the Mitchell & Webb sketch with the watermelon? Their overt atheism, in addition to being hilarious, would get their show in so much hot water over here...
I'm sure :p but as I'm new here, figured I'd ask.

We just finished watching Series 4 of "That Mitchell and Webb Look" and OH MAN are they getting more and more anti-(religious|clerical|irrationality). Not that I'm complaining.




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