So many examples of outrageous thinking, hubris, self-aggrandizement, and learned thinking, not critical thinking. 

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Thunderf00t is awesome. I caught a glimpse of him at the Rally in the VIP section.

Because they are the most closed minded, delusional, ignorant, fools on the planet. Hopefully in the future they will recieve mandatory pschological help and deprograming. Until then, we'll have to put up with their childish and frankly embarrassing wining about illogical make believe. Even when I got sucked into the whole christian bull***t, I didn't fall for that stuff.
I don't believe in tolerating religion, I believe in peacefully apposing it where ever possible. I do believe in the right for people to believe what they want, however daft, nobody is perfect. Hopefully educating the world will eventually lead to the extinction of superstition in all its forms, in all but the insane that is.

I agree that education is a good remedy for superstition. 

I watched them all. Nicely organized, thanks.

Your are welcome. Glad you watched them. 

I have watched all the videos in the series and wish there were more. I also followed the series of videos Thunderf00t made in response to Venomfangx and Nephilimfree who I think have both disappeared from YouTube now.




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