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God forbid you'd have to use those heathen USB drives!

I would think Christians would prefer cloud storage since Jesus supposedly hangs out up in the heavens.

Maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas...
They have ideas enough, blog, including orbiting a gargantuan cross. I'd post the link here if I had it handy, but trust me: those dips don't seem to be kidding!
Hadn't heard about that one. Don't we have enough space junk floating around up there already without putting a gigantic cross into orbit?

Although it'd be interesting to see how they'd react if the cross lost its orbit and came flaming down through the atmosphere. It'd probably burn up before it hit ground, but it's still be interesting to see if the reaction would be "Jesus is coming back to Earth! The end times are here, hallelujah!" or something more sensible like "maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all."
Good point, William. It would at least kind of make sense to have a Star Trek drive, since there are warp drives in Star Trek. But anyone with a USB "warp drive" would be laughed at, while I bet in many work places someone with a cross drive would have people asking where they could get one.
I'm surprised that they didn't have their poster boy impaled on it ... then they could claim that "Jesus saves!"
OUCH! (Wish I had thought of that one.)
Nice one!
haha.... seriously.... good one.
That teddy bear should have "Te quiero" on the back of its shirt so it could be read when it has assumed the position.
And I thought it only took renaissance technology to impress them.

One-of-a-kind spiritual accessory - the Lord's prayer becomes instantly and almost miraculously ...

I'm still looking for a Jesus Watch ...
austrian crystal=fake diamonds made of glass, to show the authenticity of how to entice stupid christian people out of money with a fake tacky item.

Look - it's ten to two.




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