If you replaced your pacifier with the Bible, you might be a Christian.

If you think Fox News is balanced journalism, you might be a Christian.

I you have seen His holy likeness in a potato chip...

If you offer to pray for a friend rather than actually helping em...

If you've thought "Well that makes a lot of sense" while listening to Rush...

If you would rather your children live in guilt and shame because they are human...

If you respect someone with the nacissistic need to be worshiped...



Ahhh, mine suck. You guys give it a crack!

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You might be a christian if you're the pope.
if you think you should pray for me
If you think that humans and dinosaurs lived side by side like on the Flintstones........
I think there are people who really believe "The Flintstones" was historically accurate. Blast Hanna-Barbera, anyway!
If you voted for bush just because you didn't want same sex marriage approved...twice
if you think that Bush prays for you
If you believe that you are in regular communication with the most powerful intellect that could ever exist, and that this helps you remain "humble."
If you think hurricane katrina was god's punishment for the sinners in New Orleans even thought innocent infants drowned in the flooding.............
Children's version:
If you say "I don't read Harry Potter because it has magic in it and God says magic is bad."

... while playing a video game in which his character was a wizard dog shooting fireballs at the bad guy.


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