You're probably all well aware of this. I just thought it would be good to have the link to the site on this page also.


An Irish website was recently set up to help people who wanted to officially defect from the Catholic Church.


As the the title suggest the website is www.countmeout.ie.


I have no affliation or connection to the site other than having used it to defect.


Although it's primarily designed and aimed at Irish Catholics I can't see how the same process couldn't be applied anywhere in the world. The documents that the site has put together are the official Catholic Church defection documents which I'm sure are not specific to Ireland. So I'm assuming anyone can fill these in and send them to their local bishop/ priest.


If you're disgusted, as I was by the appalling way in which the Catholic Curch has behaved in relation to the sickening child abuse scandals around the world, vote with your feet.


How often do you hear the Catholic Church use its strength in numbers around the world as a way of exerting influence? No longer let them count you as a member. Sign up and sign out!



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My old lady is not being very helpful, is there any way you can enquire on your baptismal details??
Why do you need her help? Were you not baptised in the year you were born? In that case you just need to tell them the year and the parish in which you were baptised. They should be able to do the rest.
All I know of my place of Baptism is that it's in Limerick. I'll have to dig out the Birth Cert to find the hospital, that would give me an idea of the diocese. I'm sure I'd have been baptised in the Hospital Chapel as we're not from Limerick.

Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

You'll find it here:


Amongst them is the following question:

Q: I have received a response stating that my baptismal date and parish are required. Is this correct.

A: It is our understanding that your baptismal date and parish are not necessary in order to successfully complete your defection. However, we have received feedback from some people who have been asked by their diocese for it. You should be able to find your baptismal date from your baptismal certificate. If you do not know what parish you were baptised in there is a complete directory of parishes by county listed here. If you cannot locate this information we suggest you call your diocese to tell them this and ask that they process the defection without this information.

You'll also see that they're now saying it should be done through the diocese in which you currently live:

'The Catholic Church in Ireland has recently clarified its protocol for handling defections. Rather than sending the documentation to your diocese of baptism, it is now recommended that you contact the diocese in which you are currently resident.'

Hope this helps.


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