I've generally connected Atheism with open-mindedness.
This isn't always the case.

A bigot (in modern usage) is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own or intolerant of people of different ethnicity, race, or class.

Most bigots lean on bits and pieces of religion in order to validate themselves.

Do you think that there is such a thing as an Atheist bigot?
Have you met one? Are you one?

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Depends, I would say I am bigoted against members of certain religions...
I feel strongly that a scientific worldview is far superior to a supernatural worldview. Does that make me a bigot?
Sure atheists can be bigots, we are just as human as every one else however most theists have holy books that are bigoted which makes theists more likely to be bigots.
I definitely feel that there are atheist bigots. I have seen evidence of them in their communication in multiple online venues. "Tolerance of opinions differing from their own" is way down on my list of how I would describe atheists.

I think it comes with the package. Being told that your ideas and behaviors are flawed seems to be one main motivator for people turning to atheism. Their personalities don't change once they leave religion behind.
I suspect that it is not "opinions" that are not being tolerated by atheists... but rather that those opinions are held up to be fact (descriptive statements), and not admitted as "opinions".

Worse still a direct line is drawn from those supposed descriptive statements (how things are) to prescriptive statements (how things ought to be). An all-too-easy jump from myth to reality to value judgements.

I am open to opinions of others, so long as they do not claim facts without evidence. Then I am a bigot. I suspect all scientists could be labelled bigots.

Besides.... The word "bigot" has been given heavy negative connotation.
Absolutely. Here's an atheist bigot with regards to homosexuals: http://www.charliecheckm.com/

Keep in mind that bigotry requires prejudice. So, if you accost every christian you meet because you "pre-judge" them all to be idiots, you are being a bigot. If you assume every person who holds some kind of faith is worthless, evil, idiotic, etc. you are being a bigot.

If you refute a mythology because there is no evidence for it, and speak out against the actions it inspires in the world, you are not being a bigot. You are not pre-judging anyone or anything.
Sometimes I feel as if I am a bigot because I really DESPISE religion and stupidity. I feel that I am really intolerant of religion at times. I have christian friends, some who know I am a non theist and some who don't. I feel that I have to be a closet non theist because so many times when I tell people that I am an atheist they are shocked. They say things like "YOU, but your so nice" or "Well I will just pray for you." I am also very intolerant of stupidity. However, I am not bigoted when it comes to accepting people based on their ethnicity or sexual orientation. I feel that religion teaches intolerance and close mindedness. I mean anybody that can use religion to justify killing such as blowing up abortion clinics or flying planes into buildings, there just has to be something wrong there. To have such little respect for human life is beyond me and that is why I am bigoted towards religion and stupidity (the two go hand in hand at times).
"Do you think that there is such a thing as an Atheist bigot?
Have you met one?"

Yes. There are at least two Islamaphobic Atheist bigots in an in person Atheist meetup group I belong too.




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