In the Extinction Rebellion video, Dr Gail Bradbrook compares the willful promotion of greenhouse gas emissions by so many governments to Nazi gas chambers. 

image source: gas chamber, text from video

In Rising UP we’re saying that climate change is not a political issue, it’s an issue of morality. What’s happening is bad, it’s evil, and it has to be stopped. And when a government does something that is horrendously immoral it has to be challenged.  And that’s regardless of you political choice. [emphasis mine]

In the first 20 minutes, she goes into scientific research backing up the existential threat of climate change.

Basically, our governments are complicit in gassing the planet into extinction. She calls on us to find meaning through moral action instead of being mired in a death phobic narcissistic culture.


Steven Jenkinson talks about our death phobic culture.

“Inattention to the world’s ecological state is well advised. Because attention to it mitigates against your happiness, contentment, your sense of well being.”

This [facing our grief about the climate threat] is a big shift in our consciousness. It’s one that moves away from the very deeply embedded narcissistic culture of consumerism that I’m sure we’re all embedded in where we ask, “what do I need?”, “How can I feel better?” “How do I hang on to privilege for myself and my family?”

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