Operations (OIF), (OND), AND (OEF) all started with a little wimp draft dodger who wanted to have a Crusade while he was president of the USA; war presidents stand out in history. His delusions of dominionism won out over compassion, decency and honor.

Every Senator and member of the House that enabled him to carry out his scheme of empire building were part of the delusion.

Every wife, mother, daughter or husband, father, and son who sent women and men off to war waving USA flags and shouting platitudes of support enabled the little would-be-warrior, the kind of man who would send other people into harm's way and not go himself, enables the continuation and perpetuation of delusional thinking and denial of the real causes of the conflicts.







@Michael Yon's image of war and one of its casualties. I looked for a photo that impacted me deeply and Michael's photographs and reports from war zones reach deeply into some place of my being and tells me we are still on the wrong track. 




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Ruth is reading a book about this. She posted a discussion on it too. Now if I could find it I would link it here.

Please do. 

Davey, your way of putting words and ideas together evokes images that cry out for end of waring. 

Jonathan, I am open to hearing yet another explanation of why USA was justified in going into Afghanistan with all the woundings, killings, destruction, disabled potable water supplies, soils damaged by chemicals, fathers and mother with genetic changes with horridly deformed babies, the air filled with deadly fumes, and mental damage that takes generations of recovery, some never do recover from the dying, death, destruction, and all because two of our buildings were blasted off the face of the earth by a bunch of Saudi Arabians? al-Qaeda was a relatively small group of people who wantd to hit USA at its heart. A well trained, equipped, informed armed militia could have gone in and made the point that USA will not stand for killing of our people and destroying our property. So what did the Little Napoleon do, made a big insane war ... presidents who make war stand out in history, if not in the hearts and minds of its citizens. 

I am open to convincing, and so far no one has been able to put together a story that makes sense to me. I know, we have to stand for our troops ... wait a minute ... we don't have to stand for them if they follow the orders of a criminal. 

When my former husband was ordered to Viet Nam, I questioned the orders, I read everything I could find, talked to everyone who would engage, thought about the pros and cons, and I could not find justification for USA going in the first place, and staying as long as we did, and doing the immoral, unethical things that soldiers seem to get away with. Disgusting! 

Yes, Davey, war is war and all it is good for is killing. 

I can relate to your experience, as I have done the same by finding other ways I could have reacted. But when it comes right down to the basic issues, I don't believe I was punished as a child because I was naighty, but because my parents disagreed and I somehow got caught in the middle. So my resistance as a child was valid. My way of coping was to do very well in school, which served me well, but put unnecessary stress on a child. My coping strategy as a child did not serve me well as an adult. 

I resisted the beatings I took as a wife and the beatings intensified, not because I was a bad or evil person but because my former husband could not handle the stress of his dental practice and used me as his relief valve. When the children came along, they also became the target of his brutish behavior. He was a thug and everyone thought he was a nice guy. Well, he wasn't and that is a fact. 

So lets think about whether you had a legitimate reason to be caught in a quarrel. Maybe you were justified. I don't know, only you can answer that, but just for a moment think perhaps you did have a reason to resist or argue. 

Too often people take the blame for something much deeper. For example, did you learn how to defend yourself as a small child, and how to stand up for yourself? Did you witness effective problem solving in your childhood home or did that come after some unsolvable problems entered your life? These are personal questions for which I do not want an answer, but something to think about. 

I was a somewhat timid anti-VietNam war activist at the beginning; by 1968 I became a radical when peacefully marching in Washington, D.C. and was hit up the side of my head by a mounted police officer yielding a billy club. I was doing nothing wrong but marching with others who protested the war. There is no crime in protest or marching. We were not destructive of property or did not harmed others in any way. We just took a stand and WHAM! A radicalizing event, indeed. 

If an individual is dependent, passive and subordinate as a lifestyle, coping strategies get in the way of effective and efficient problem solving and conflict resolution. 

If an individual is independent, active, and dominant as a lifestyle, these coping strategies also get in the way of good resolution. 

Back in the 1970s if a woman, who was expected to be dependent, passive and subordinate acted independently, actively and dominantly, mental health professionals and people who provided counseling for depressed and anxious women guided them toward feminine behaviors. I was faced with real world problems and could not afford to behave in a typical "female" role. I had to fight my family, counselors, church, and culture to take on the responsibility of raising 3 small children, maintain a home, work full time and attend college. I violated every attitude, belief, custom, tradition and value my culture established for me. Expectations placed on me harmed me and my children. 

Likewise, my former husband faced a similar quandary, but on the opposite side of the scales. He expected and was expected to be independent, active, and dominant, but felt out of control. He assumed the bully and thug behaviors trying to act like a "man". He was as harmed by sex-role stereotyping as I.  

The point I am trying to make is expectations placed upon individuals by the institutions of society create unresolvable mental and physical problems and dysfunction results. In order to be healthy, one has to reject expectations of culture and think critically about how to best live one's life. 

I see your point and agree. As you stated:

"principles of genuine goodness, if assumed and applied NATURALLy as opposed to institutionally and/or culturally; would go along way towards a peaceful atmosphere of social harmony on all levels including personal, domestic, national, etc etc etc"

Now, all behaviors that we discussed are learned. How does one unlearn them, I don't mean at the superficial level, "Just do it", but at a deeper level?

And, if cultural change occurs at the level of the individual, let's ferret out what an individual can do to result in your very wise statement? What could I have done as an infant? child? adult? or now, as I write "A Splendid Heresy"?

@Steph, this question is what has been delaying the completion of my book. I have the problem well defined, also the goal, and I've figured out some possible options, however, join me in figuring out "principles of genuine goodness, if assumed and applied NATURALLy as opposed to institutionally and/or culturally".

First and foremost, silence does not stop thuggish and brutish behavior, nor does yielding, praying, obeying, turning the other cheek, or submitting, or crucifying oneself in imitation of the crucified christ, or rejoicing in one's crucifixion! Neither does warring, at the national level!

Second, learning is defined as change in behavior. 

Third, what works?

I agree Joan. They all have blood on their hands. All of 'em.

I want to write about free will; something happened this week that put dominionism and free will at odds. 

I joined a group because I wanted to understand the stressors and complexities of that group. They are a wonderful group of people and I enjoyed them very much. 
One day, the conversation turned to sex-talk and I felt very uncomfortable. I tried to ignore my reaction and know people talk about sex all the time and they have a perfect right to do so. I have no right to intrude on their conversation. I wrote of my appreciation for them and my respect for their struggles, and decided to leave the group so they could have their freedom of speech and I could be free from anxiety and stress. 

Red flag waving! Horns going off in my head! Something doesn't smell right! What is going on with me that I would have such a strong physical and emotional response? 

Memories! Bad memories! I won't impose details on you, but long ago forgotten memories flooded my thinking and I was scared, confused, anxious, depressed ... all signs of something needed to be dealt with. 

Sex, to me, represents, pain, assault, out of control, intrusion, fear, shame, guilt, all feelings that I did not cause but I experienced. 

There are physical wounds and emotional ones. The physical wounds heal, the emotional ones get pushed so far down in deep, dark hiding places and don't appear until reading that day's discussion about casual sex. 

Sorry to lay this load on anyone, but "War as an expression of dominionism" applies to individuals caught in the claws of domination. It hurts. It creates walls against being open and trusting. It is real. 

Remembering my past influences my present world, without my knowledge or awareness. I cannot will memories away but I can imagine a better way. To get out of this deep hole I have the ability to imagine a healthy future, one built with others who I trust and who trust me; who I love and who love me. 




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