University of Virginia Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has devised a short survey called the Moral Foundations Questionnaire to measure ethical attitudes based on five hypothesized moral foundations. His results show a conspicuous difference in the moral psychology of self-identified conservatives versus self-identified liberals. The questionnaire measures harm/care, justice/fairness, ingroup loyalty, respect for authority, and purity/sanctity. The result page displays your scores as a bargraph next to the averaged liberal and conservative scores. (Its the top one on the list.)
My score: 3.8, 3.2, 1.5, 1.7, 1.0

"No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, which is the good he seeks."
Mary Wollstonecraft

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Harm 4.8
Fairness 4.3
Loyalty 1.5
Authority 2.0
Purity 0.0
Harm: 2.3
Fairness: 3.3
Loyalty: 2.5
Authority: 3.0
Purity: 0.8
Harm 3.8
Fairness 3.2
Loyalty 1.5
Authority 1.7
Purity 1.0
Harm 4.8
Fairness 4.7
Loyalty 2.3
Authority 1.5
Purity 0.0
Harm 2.3
Fairness 2.8
Loyalty 2.8
Authority 3.2
Purity 0.2

Interesting, but I felt like "it depends" was my answer a whole lot. I'm not really an "authority" guy. But I guess I give "authority" "the benefit of the doubt" by at least considering it. I would guess my favored attributes would start with the non-choices Truth, Justice, Freedom, Compassion (but not forced) and then maybe Fairness. Loyalty and Authority are two edged swords. And then I guess there is purity and pseudo purity.
Harm 4.5
Fairness 4.3
Loyalty 1.0
Authority 1.8
Purity 0.3
Harm 2.0
Fairnes 3.8
loyalty 2.0
authoriry 1.8
purity 0.2
Harm - 3.3
Fairness - 4.7
Loyalty - 1.5
Authority - 1.3
Purity - 0.3
Harm 1.5
Fairness 1.3
Loyalty .3
Authority 0
Purity 0

I need more questions, as that was too vauge. I don't think im that morally corupt. well, not totally, i think. jezz.
I have done this survey before, but I have misplaced the results. But I can tell you, my purity morals would be higher than everyone else's here, given my Indian, Hindu, Brahmin upbringing. Haidt himself has pointed that out in some presentations. Other than that, I would come out relatively liberal: I don't score high on authority or loyalty.

What I don't like about this result is that the conservatives end up being more moral , overall, as they have more principles determining their response.
"What I don't like about this result is that the conservatives end up being more moral , overall, as they have more principles determining their response."

Not really. They are just differently moral. They use different standards; standards which others may not think to be relevant to morality at all.

How the hell I didn't get 0 on purity is beyond me.

Woot! I am almost free of morals!




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