I have a metric cruiser, and it has had a gremlin bell on it since I bought it. I've never really liked the bell, but a few weeks ago I read the inscription for the first time. It says "Never ride faster than your angel can fly", so it's gotta go.

I've seen plenty of adhesive flying spaghetti monsters, but I want something that can hang on a motorcycle - i.e. looks good from front and back, has a loop on top.

Does anyone know of something that will work? FSM or a scarlet (or chrome) A are the ones I've thought of, but I'm open to other ideas.

Otherwise, I'll go without.

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You know, this has bothered me for some time as well.  I never thought of twisting it toward a more Secular angle.  You may have hit upon a whole new niche. 


I'll keep an eye out for something, but all I have every seen are the religious bells you mentioned or the basic brass ones.  I think I may just pull out my engraver and carve a big A on it.



If I had my cnc mill working, I'd try to get vector artwork for FSM, Darwin fish, or the stylized A - and make my own.

Now that you mention it, it does sound like something that would sell.

Engraving an A isn't a bad idea, but I want something that is obviously not pro-superstition.
How about a Darwin fish ?
All the ones I've seen were flat on the back for attaching to a vehicle. This will be hanging, so it needs to look good from front and back. It also needs a loop.
You might be able to find something here,www.darwinfish.com,you can make a loop for most things , I've heard of those stupid bells but I haven't noticed one before .

My bell is in the style of an armored helmet. It fit with my idea of 'protection'. And to me, 'protecting myself' means paying 100% attention 100% of the time - the bell serves as a reminder to me that vigilance is always a must when riding a motorcycle.

And it has a sentimental value, as being an icon of biker lore - but zero superstitious / metaphysical meaning.

If a bell were available with the atheist A, or even the Darwin fish, I'd buy one!




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