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Motorcycle Videos

Started by Mick Ohrberg Feb 16, 2016. 0 Replies

Now that little video recorders are so ubiquitous, do any fellow heathens video their rides? I just got a GoPro for xmas and decided to do an improvised chin mount, and here's the first result:…Continue

Helmet yes, helmet no, helmet maybe, helmet where?

Started by Tony Minoldo. Last reply by Mick Ohrberg Feb 16, 2016. 6 Replies

When I had my firts bikes, I rode for years without using a helmet in the city, although it was compulsory (the traffic cops wereunarmed, only for traffic violations) had very old and slow machines…Continue

Hi from Australia

Started by Steve Perry. Last reply by Kalikiano Kalei Dec 29, 2011. 2 Replies

G'day eveyone, all 7 of us.I'm in sunny Australia, I have a Harley Road King, currently it's in a container coming from my old home in New Zealand, it's summer here now and I'm itching to get my…Continue

Replacing a gremlin bell

Started by Mark. Last reply by Kalikiano Kalei Dec 29, 2011. 7 Replies

I have a metric cruiser, and it has had a gremlin bell on it since I bought it. I've never really liked the bell, but a few weeks ago I read the inscription for the first time. It says "Never ride…Continue

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Comment by Chet on March 3, 2011 at 3:33pm
The Westboro Baptists were supposed to be protesting the opening of "The Laramie Project" at a theater in Fort Lauderdale this past weekend. My Group, Florida Atheists And Secular Humanists, spearheaded a counter protest. Though the WBC people were a no-show we did manage to get a few hundred people to join us. What is notably absent when the WBC is around is the lack of any christian groups counter-protesting with us. I believe this to be tacit approval on their part. This is the second time we have counter-protested the WBC.
Comment by Smiley Courtney on March 3, 2011 at 5:47am
With the Supreme Court ruling on the Westburo Baptist Church, it is even more important for us to support the patriot Guard, and to stand together to show respect to the members of our defending military and their families. PLEASE - find some time to join PGR missions in your area. Don't let a handful of quacks taint the American Dream - let's prove that Americans know how to show honor and respect!
Comment by J Schwartz on February 26, 2011 at 6:28am
One of the many reasons I choose a dual sport motorcycle over the others is that I can hang out in the deepest of forests, ride for hours, and not see one damn thing reminding me of religion and politics... (And when I see old country churches in serious disrepair..Bonus!)
Comment by Craigart14 on February 25, 2011 at 10:05pm

There was one other thing I meant to say.  Lately, I have begun to think that there are two kinds of Americans: those who want to keep big business from fucking things up, and those who want to keep the rest of us from fucking.


But never mind all that.  I started my bike up yesterday, lubed the chain, and went for a ride.  My cares were lifted.

Comment by Craigart14 on February 25, 2011 at 10:03pm

I think a lot of people are socially conservative in the US.  I would like to be fiscally conservative, but it's laughable for the GOP to leave the country in such a mess and then blame Obama for spending money.  Unregulated Wall Street greed brought on the crisis, not the middle class or the labor unions.  The crash of 1929 occurred for pretty much the same reasons, and we pulled out of the depression because FDR spent money we didn't have, and then WWII revitalized American industry.  Where is the Pecora commission when you need it?  Today, there is so much misinformation blasting at us that it's hard to keep things straight.  And the wackiness continues.  Kansas wants to make shooting abortion doctors "justifiable homicide," and my home state wants to legally redefine abortion as "prenatal murder," which could carry the death penalty.  RAnd Paul wants to cut the budget across the board, except for payments to medicare doctors, which make up (surprise!) 50% of his income, and Scott Walker wants to kill the unions in Wisconsin.  The GOP wants to de-fund Planned Parenthood, the only source of reliable health care for millions of women.


Scratch the surface of a GOP leader and you'll find an evangelical, non-denominational Christian.


Does the BBC tell you that?

Comment by Smiley Courtney on February 25, 2011 at 6:26pm

"I'm socially liberal and fiscally conservative."


I hear that so often . . . but according to what the News Media presents, you'd think such an attitude was rare to the point of irrelevance. Even our "two political parties" can't seem to get the message, even after a defeat of the GOP in 2008 and of the Dems in 2010, they still think that represent someone!


Well, I've gotten so I get my news from the BBC. At least THEY seem to make an effort to present actual facts!


And whuile I have no statistics to support my claim, I think most Americans are, at heart, "socially liberal and fiscally conservative" -  I know very few who actually WANT to see a repressive, wasteful government.


Comment by medussa on February 18, 2011 at 11:40pm

OK, folks, joined a while ago, but haven't taken the time to read or post...

I ride a Honda Valkyrie named SEDUSSA, she is my one true love, 90k miles in 8 years.  I live in California, which means I've turned into a fair weather rider.  Right now it's storming, but in a few short weeks I'll be out riding and camping in the mountains again.

Politically, I vote Democrat, but I am a Berkeley liberal in reality, I just vote Democrat to keep the evangelical Repubs out of office...


Enough for an intro.  Where are you all at?

Comment by Craigart14 on February 18, 2011 at 5:27pm

And when I talk to Harley riders, I get jumped for passing them on my 20-year-old Honda ;-)


Seriously, people in general should care more about people.  Humanism, i.e., enlightened secular humanism, is about the only "ism" I can get behind.  Oh, there is that one that starts with A . . .


I am still hoping that the US will become a participatory democracy again, but there are a lot of people secretly working against that.  I am just finishing up Jeff Sharlet's book, The Family, which details the work of a number of American evangelical groups.  According to Sharlet, the Family, led Abraham Vereide (I know; never heard of him, right?) and currently by Doug Coe has been selling "Jesus plus nothing" to wealthy elites for sixty or seventy years.  They have no real doctrine or theology, requiring only that their members submit fully to God and agree to work for spreading Jesus around the globe, even through genocide.  The Jesus they adore is not the Jesus of the New Testament, but a Jesus born of very sick minds.  They are organized in cells, like a terrorist organization, and have apparently influenced or brought about US involvement in a variety of conflicts.  Just as an example, they put Diem, the first president of Vietnam, in touch with the Eisenhower White House.  As a result, the Catholic Diem ends up ruling a predominantly Buddhist country by means of American money and arms.  Some prominent members have been President Ford, who prayed with members of his prayer cell before pardoning Nixon.  We have supported some nasty dictators since WWII, including Suharto of Indonesia, who may have killed 1.5 million "suspected Communists," and who invaded East Timor on the absurd pretext that a tiny nation of 650,000 was planning a takeover of Indonesia, with 140 million citizens.  We have torn down democratic regimes and replaced them with dictators for decades, and Sharlet argues that the Family has been behind much of our disastrous foreign policy.  It that's true, then these people are disloyal to our country, placing their religion ahead of America.  They are taking power by "submitting" to a Jesus who asks nothing but submission--not charity or democracy or even honesty.


It's a startling book by a former Family insider.  It might explain a lot about why Washington is broken.


Enough of that.  Read the book and see what you think.  I am going to get my Hurricane on the road this weekend and begin riding to work again.

Comment by Lina Baker on February 17, 2011 at 1:23pm

I strongly support flag burning yet, I eagerly display our flag on notable holidays, and display it with the greatest of respect.


I love this quote!


Smiley Courtney, don't be discouraged. There is diversity of thoughts in a lot of groups. An example: I know that I am far, far to the left of the adults that also volunteer in Girl Scouts here in my area, but our motivation to create leadership opportunities for girls tends to keep us all pretty well focused.


I know some atheists that want to eliminate all religion and some that are just fine with religion as long as it tolerates others. Atheists can be all over the place as well as far as political beliefs - just like Christians, Muslims, et. al.


I have Christian friends that don't try to convert me and Republican friends who don't think I'm evil and Patriot friends who don't resent me for not flying a USA flag on holidays. Unfortunately, they aren't ever booked on TV or radio shows.


But I know what you mean by the polarization. If you say, "I like broccoli. And it's good for you.", people who are on the other side of whatever you are will start screaming, "Oh, so you want EVERYONE to be FORCED to eat BROCCOLI and NOTHING else!!!" 


As for why I was motivated to join an atheist motorcycle online group - I'm not really sure. Maybe because I get weirded out by the Bikers for Christ. I always wonder what they would do if I had a jacket that said Bikers for Islam. My husband and I don't go to some biker-related events because we know we're going to be expected to pray. Thankfully, the rallies we do go to -- for adventure motorcyclists (people who travel to other countries on motorcycles) -- don't have opening prayers, etc. I have no idea what everyone else's religion or lack there of is, and I kinda like it that way.

Comment by J Schwartz on January 14, 2011 at 9:45am

Smiley, Hello and welcome to the group! 

Well, my politics are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

I strongly support flag burning yet, I eagerly display our flag on notable holidays, and display it with the greatest of respect. 

Yeah, I know not ALL in our Atheist tribe agree with my views, but I know some do.. 




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