Just curious as to what type of musicians we have out there.

Im a metalhead myself :D

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I am a turntablist.

i like to play/create:

hip hop, jazz, drum and bass, ambient, funk, crunk, rock and roll.
I've played the piano since I was about 3 years old (so my mother said - I remember beginning at about 5), I studied classical piano through college. I attended Westminster Choir College, although I did not finish there. I've played for many different community theaters and school musicals, but I don't for the most part listen to that stuff for my own benefit.
I enjoy choral music quite a lot, if it is done well. My favorite choirs are Anuna and Chanticleer. I also enjoy the music of Jacques Brel, Sondheim, Prokofiev, Mahler, and a good bit of seriously early music. But honestly, there is far too much music out there that I love to really answer this question.
As a general rule of thumb, I think it is safe to say that most of the music I enjoy does not require electricity to produce.
Mostly blues, primal rock/R&B, some Jazz, some folk & country.
passion is for the 'classic & traditional' country music i grew up listening to.... drop by my site http://www.alwaysblue.ca
I mostly play punk. Guitar and vocals. Pre-1990 in style. It's just sort of something I fell into as a teenager and it's something I'm still into now.

I also play lots of folk. Improving my fingerpicking and all that.

I think a lot of why I was attracted to these styles in particular is because they're great for actually conveying a message to the listener. And while I think punk especially has sort of lost its way in that regard (the ideology of punk has gotten so homogenized that, while atheism is a part of it, I don't see a lot of critical thinking leading to it so much as I see it just sort of being the cultural norm for punks), I like to think there's still some potential for it as a vital art form that can get more people actually thinking about the stuff they believe in.
I'm very rock and a bit folk, and most of my older material is somewhat lame love ballads. Nowadays I also really enjoy a lot of anime and J-pop type music, "melodic" metal like Nightwish, and any rock group that uses flutes and/or violins (Captain Tractor - learn to love them!).

I also have a soft spot for film songs, like corny Disney musicals and stuff - I can't help it, I wanted to be a filmmaker, so that's just the kind of thing I wrote when I was younger ^_^;;;


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