Just curious as to what type of musicians we have out there.

Im a metalhead myself :D

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I occasionally play backup keyboards in jam sessions with my brother and our friends. We usually played alternative and indie rock covers, but we did write a few (lyrically-minimal) songs. We had a band going called Geology (get it? study of rock? 9_9) and we did a few minor gigs until my brother, the drummer, left for college.

Now I just write trance music, though occasionally I'll just load up a synth, plug in my midi keyboard, and just play what comes to mind.
In high school I played guitar in your basic 70's rock band - Doobies, Steely Dan, Allman Bro's, Beatles, etc. Then toured for a few years playin' top 40 at clubs, casinos, resorts & learned a lot about the craft of music. Went back to school, got a "real" job. Formed a Pagan tribal-rock band in '99, released 2 albums & did the festival circuit in the Pacific Northwest. Discovered Ableton Live a couple years ago and am havin' a blast doing tech-oriented alt-rock, extended jams - a blend of loops & samples mixed with more organic instruments, like acoustic and/or electric guitar over a techno vibe. Always a rocker at the core...
American Roots music, blues, swinging the blues, rockin da blues and other stuff.
I learned the guitar listening to the Beatles, went through that phase where guitar playing was all about ego, so I played a lot of SRV and Hendrix. Now that I'm a more serious musician, I'm very much into John Frusciante's solo work, and I enjoy playing hard progressive rock, like TOOL.
I have sort of a clusterfuck of genres I write in. Rock, rocktronica, dance, synth pop, trance...ish, rap/hip hop, and anything in between. I have a song up here (still needs to be mixed):

It's hard to pick just one. I like Junior Brown-style country (JB is Hendrix in a cowboy costume; you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't check out Junior Brown), Adrian Legg / Leo Kottke guitar music, Fripp / King Crimson / Gentle Giant prog-esque stuff, Weather Report / Allan Holdsworth / Al DiMeola jazz fusion, Frank Zappa / Mike Keneally awesomeness, Black Sabbath / Type O Negative heavy metal, DEVO, Raymond Scott / Brian Eno / Aphex Twin / Skinny Puppy / Boards of Canada electronic madness, and the occasional bluegrass tune. I am also a slavering fan of Frederic Chopin and Igor Stravinsky. I like to think that each of those has had some sort of impact on the way I play music. If nothing else, they've helped to define my musical landscape.
I compose ambient, electronic, experimental music...mostly for tv documentaries on the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK so far...but hoping to put out an album sometime that isn't a soundtrack :)
Metal, Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Electronic, Jazz. My guitar playing is mostly metal, but I love singing just about anything.
I've been in a couple alt rock bands, done some metal projects, and done some nerdcore hip-hop. Currently I'm working on two albums, one that's a sci-fi concept album, the other a collab with a rapper from Georgia currently living in Japan.
I am stuck in between. I love writing alt-country, folk, indie rock songs but lavish in electronica, and chiptune. I tried combining them with not-so-goodnik results.
I like to play all kinds of music, as long as there is a good groove. My band Loudmouth Ale plays mainly classic rock, reggae, and improvisational jams, but we also tear up some metal on occasion.
I am a guitarist, but i am dreaming of becoming a good pianist someday. I can play some piano, but lack one myself so practicing is a little hard.

I play both acoustic and electric guitar, I don't make that many songs, they tend to be instrumentals although I can sing and write. Even though I am an avid metal lover I think my music is more leaning towards some kind of jazzy progressive. I admit that bands such as Opeth might be one of the inspirational sources.
Made a new song, check out
think it says more than words




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